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LR West Company

Forty years of experience in designing, engineering and ,manufacturing louvers, dampers and wall shutters guarantees the superb quality of every WEST-O-MATIC unit.

Many of the models now in the WEST-O-MATIC line were originally developed as custom units for special applications.
The name WEST-O-MATIC assures top quality at minimum cost.
There are other louvers, dampers and wall shutters on the market which bear superficial resemblance to WEST-O-MATIC models.  While this is a testament to the WEST-O-MATIC quality, none of these imitations incorporate all the quality features built in at L.R.West Mfg., Inc. To afford you a quick and simple assurance that the unit you use is an authentic WEST-O-MATIC, every rivet in every WEST-O-MATIC model bears out trade mark embedded in its head.
We are so proud of our work we put our signature on it.

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