WEST-O-MATIC Applications

Nurseryman and Horticulture

Proper ventilation is crucial in any nursery and greenhouse application. L.R. West Mfg has over 40 years of experience in working with greenhouse fan manufacturers to develop methods for ensuring proper ventilations is applied and plants are protected from the problems associated with improper greenhouse ventilation.



Farm and Livestock

Your profit investment depends greatly on the health of your workers and animals. Improper ventilation can cause lloss in animal comfort and productivity which can lead to lost profits. More importantly, improper ventilation can be the cause of many serious problems such as disease and respretory complications. Over the years L.R. West Mfg. has worked with the farming and livestock to ensure proper ventilations techniques are implemented and farming productivity iis sustained.


Sporting Facilities

L.R. West developes and supplies aluminum wall shutters to sporting facilities. Proper ventilation is essential for ensuring an enjoyable experience for patrons as well as ensuring a profitable business for the facilitiey owner..



Other Applications

Forty years of experience in designing, engineering and ,manufacturing louvers, dampers and wall shutters guarantees the superb quality of every WEST-O-MATIC unit.


Applications for the follwing industries have also been implemented by L.R. West:

  • Equine
  • Dairy
  • Manufacturing

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